lablgtk and pipes ...

Sven LUTHER luther at
Thu May 3 15:05:45 CEST 2001

Hello, ...

I have some questions about lablgtk.

In the lablgtk debian package, the examples are in the
/usr/share/doc/lablgtk/examples directory, which is, as also it's content,
read only.

Now this is no problem, as you may run them as for example :

$ lablgtk -labels

even when not having write access to them.

Now the bigger of those files will get gzipped, and thus you cannot use them
in a straigthforward way anymore.

i guessed that doing something like :

$ gunzip -c | lablgtk -labels 

would work, or even

$ gunzip -c | lablgtk -labels -

but this is not the case.

The first example just launches the toplevel, and then complains about bad
input, and the second don't understand the use of - as an argument.

Is there another way of doing this, and if not, could lablgkt be fixed to
allows this, in a next version (i guess this really is a ocaml problem).


Sven Luther

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