Accessing labels of GTree.tree_item

Jacques Garrigue garrigue at
Mon May 14 05:02:02 CEST 2001

> You refer to Gtk 2.
> Do you have started to port lablgtk to the latest version of Gtk (the
> "feature freeze" ) ?

You can see it from two sides.
One is to make LablGTK compile with the current version of Gtk.
I think this is almost already the case: since the Win32 port of Gtk
is already on the 1.3 branch, I added a few ifdefs to provide

But what you want is probably the other way round: access to Gtk2
And there we enter the dark country of multiple version support.
This is why LablTk does only support features in Tk4.2, while the
current version is 8.3: I found no clean way to provide multiple
versions at the Caml level, and this would be too much work to
maintain multiple versions simultaneously.

So, my plan is just to wait for the release of Gtk2, and start the
port at that time, so that I can work on one standard version.
All LablGTK versions after that point will require Gtk2, so this
should not happen before Gtk2 is popular enough.

Of course anybody is free to start interfacing widgets before that...



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