Accessing labels of GTree.tree_item

Jacques Garrigue garrigue at
Tue May 15 11:17:09 CEST 2001

From: Sven LUTHER <luther at>

> What about starting a gtk2.0 or whatever cvs branch, that people who
> are ready for it could test and contribute code to. You would still
> maintain the gtk1.2 branch as the head branch.

If anybody is interested in making such contribution, I can do it.
But I'm not very enthusiatic about adding branches to the tree: I
already need to create a new branch everytime a new feature appears in
ocaml, and branches tend to multiply rather than add.

Of course, anybody with access to the CVS tree can add the branch by
himself. Just give it a reasonable name.

> Anyway, you told yourself that the 1.2 support was almost fully there.

Well, glade support for one thing is still in preliminary stage.
There is always work to be done...

> > So, my plan is just to wait for the release of Gtk2, and start the
> > port at that time, so that I can work on one standard version. 

> But then how long would it take you to have it ported to gtk2.0 ?
> Will this be longer than the time it will need to become 'popular' ?
> And if yes, by how much.

As I said, I expect the current release to be already almost 2.0
compatible. That is, people can start using it with 2.0 as soon as it
is released, or very soon after.

Then, new widgets (there are indeed plenty of them) will be added
gradually, by order of interest.

By the way my concept of popular is just: when it is supported enough
to replace gtk-1.2 for most uses. Only very few people are interested
in installing two versions of the same library simultaneously.
But as you said, I expect this to be much faster than with gtk-1.2.



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