GTk+ 2.2 ...

Sven Luther luther at
Mon Dec 23 08:52:11 CET 2002

Hello everyone ...

First Merry Christmas to everyone, altough i am a day early, ...

So, Gtk+ 2.2 was released today as a nice christmas present to everyone
and as a prelude of the Gnome 2.2 release which is scheduled for the
first quarter next year, maybe in january.

What is the status of gtk+ 2 support in lablgtk ?
Was any progress made ? 
If yes, could it already be made available somewhere for early testing
and/or helping ?
If not, are there any plans, or is there simply not enough time to
devote to this ? 

Anyway, with 2.2 now released, maybe the work should be to support 2.2
directly and not worry about 2.0 support ?


Sven Luther

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