[Lablgtk] Install LablGTK

Jacques Garrigue garrigue at math.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Thu May 8 05:08:19 CEST 2008

From: ocamlBeginner <thedungdo at yahoo.com>

> I have tried to install lablgtk2 for Windown, I followed the installation
> instruction. It seem good until I test lablgtk with command "lablgtk2.bat
> testgtk.ml" and I got the message "Cannot load required shared library
> dlllablgtk2.
> Reason: C:\Program Files\Objective Caml\lib\stublibs\dlllablgtk2.dll: The
> specified module could not be found."
> Could you tell me why and how to fix it? I'm really don't know. I had
> already copied "dlllablgtk2.dll,..." to ocaml\lib\stublibs.
> Best regard.
> Dung Do

Does this mean that you abandonned the idea to use lablgtk in cygwin's
ocaml, and are now trying to install it on to of OCaml/mingw?

If this is the case, your message is a bit confusing, since you say
that you installed the dll in ocaml\lib\stublibs, rather than under
Program Files. But this may just be an inacurracy.

If you have alread installed the dll in the right place, the probable
reason is that either you didn't install the required version of Gtk2,
or it is not yet activated (you may need to reboot). The above error
message is a bit confusing: it really means that it couldn't be
loaded, so that you will get it even if the cause is a missing


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